3 Benefits of Socialization for Seniors

February 8, 2021 | Senior Living
A group of seniors playing cards at a senior living community.

There’s no question that human beings are social creatures. We need connections with other people to reach a higher level of well-being. Staying on top of your social wellness isn’t always easy. As we get older, some of our friendships start to fade. And it’s up to us to build new connections to keep ourselves in touch with the wonderful world around us.

For many older adults, it can be challenging to make new friends. It’s one of the reasons why it’s not uncommon for seniors to feel isolated. There’s no question that staying on top of your social health takes some dedication. While you might feel like having more time to yourself isn’t a big deal, it’s important to be social in retirement.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that regular socialization can have for seniors.

Health Benefits of Socialization for Seniors

1. Improved Physical Health

When you find likeminded people to surround yourself with, you’re more likely to take part in physical activity. For example, going for a three-mile hike becomes much more appealing when you are part of a group. Regular physical activity can reduce your stress, improve your cardiovascular health and balance.

At Astral at Auburn, we have a variety of group fitness classes for you to enjoy. You can expect to meet new friends in an afternoon tai chi practice or take in the wonders of nature on an outdoor walking path. Our senior living community in Auburn, IN has a wide variety of opportunities to socialize with older adults who share your passions.

2. A Longer Lifespan

Regular socialization makes you healthier, which can have a positive impact on your lifespan. Many health experts suggest that social connectivity is as important as your diet. In fact, the National Institute on Aging found that social isolation is a major risk factor for seniors. By having a more social lifestyle, you’re adding years to your life.

There are times when jumping into social situations can be a little intimidating. At Astral at Auburn, we offer a variety of life enrichment activities that makes it easier for you to stretch your social wings. For example, our senior living community has regular scheduled trips to the local attractions in Auburn, IN. You can enjoy a round of golf at the Bridgewater Golf Club or go for group hike in Greenhurst Park.

3. Positive Mental Health

Simply put, having friends and meaningful social connections makes you feel good. Having consistent social interactions also helps you keep your mind sharp. The feeling of belonging that a group of friends provides boosts your mood and helps you keep a positive outlook on life. Plus, you’ll have a support system in place for times when you feel overwhelmed or stressed out.

Astral at Auburn is a warm and welcoming senior living community. It’s our goal to give you a relaxing environment where you can find more purpose in each day. By taking the time to get to know you, we’re able to match you with activities that you’ll find meaningful. Our community strives to keep you smiling throughout the day by helping you stay engaged.

New Friends and Connection are Waiting at Astral at Auburn

Astral at Auburn is a senior living community dedicated to helping you thrive. We’d like to invite you to see the social connections that are waiting for you to discover. Contact us today to learn more about what your retirement lifestyle could be and to schedule your own virtual tour.

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